Signs You May Have a Fracture

Did you know that the average person experiences two fractured bones during their lifetime? While fractures, or broken bones, are very common during childhood, they can become more serious as we age. A fractured bone is considered a medical emergency, and it is important to go to an emergency room immediately.

What Are The Signs Or symptoms That You May Have a Fractured Bone?

  • Swelling or bruising on the bone
  • Deformity over the affected area
  • Pain around the injury that becomes worse when given pressure
  • Bone protrusion
  • Difficulty or pain when putting weight on the area

Signs You May Have A Fracture: How is my fractured bone diagnosed?

If you believe you or a loved one have experienced a fractured bone, it is extremely important to bring them to Trusted ER right away! Our doctors will evaluate your injury and take some x-rays. If your fracture does not show up in an x-ray, we can perform a series of other tests to see if you have broken a bone. In some cases, like a wrist, hip, or stress fracture, these additional tests are necessary.

Signs You May Have A Fracture: How is my fractured bone treated?

Your fractured bone will be set back into its place and held by a cast or splint to heal properly. It’s important to rehabilitate the injured area immediately, even if you’re still in a cast. This will promote healthy healing, prevent blood clots, and encourage healthy blood flow. Once your cast is removed, the injured area will often be stiff and swollen – but don’t worry, it will go away after a few weeks! Be patient with your body. It will take a few weeks to regain your former strength. Talk with our doctors about exercises and activities that are safe for your body as you heal.

Have you suffered from a fractured bone? Concerned About Signs You May Have A Fracture? Come to Trusted ER immediately! We will help make you feel as comfortable as possible while we treat your fracture.